The lede

And so the problem of the century arises again. With the scheduling of classes for autumn quarter next year, I feel the pressure enclose around me. What will I do next year? Transfer to Kent? Stay at OSU? What’s my major? And then we get to the nitty gritty detail of courses. What transfers where and do I need that in honors or can I take the regular version? OSU’s new scheduling system does not make anything easier: where honors classes are advertised but in reality do not exist.

The fact of the matter is if I remain at OSU for next quater it will be for the [Landscape] Architecture and therefore the classes I schedule will be wiped out anyway with the addition of arch courses. So why do I bother to care so much? Because at the same time I want to fulfill requirement s for Kent’s Broadcast Journalism program.

In the future I want to be an in-the-field-reporter and work in creating documentaries. I want to travel to the little villages in foreign countries and report on their stories. I don’t want to be slouched over a computer all day designing fields and houses. I wish I could just take one more arch class based on computers so I could know whether I would like arch on computers or not. I know I am good at visual analysis and places always evoke different emotions to me and in those ways I know I would be good at architecture and like the idea. However I cant help but feel that I care more about people than architecture. So why do I even stay at OSU is it just for that one class? Or have I become so attached to the college, I don’t want to leave?

This is my life.


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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