Destination: Chicago; Part 1: Megabus and Haircut


  • Vampire Weekend,
  • Neko Case,
  • Britney Spears

Despite having two whole seats to myself, the lack of a pillow makes it impossible to get any quality sleep without contorting my body into some sort of fetal position while wearing my jacket backward with the hood over my face to block the sun.

Our big blue bus is barreling down the highway and on either side of me are endless flat fields of farm land, good old Ohio. I tried sleeping for a bit at the beginning of the trip, since I only got 2 hours of shut-eye last night and woke to work at 4am. That was unsuccessful.

Currently, I am riding the Megabus on my way to Chicago to visit my sister Molly and her husband Caleb. Just for the weekend with no greater purpose other than to travel, get away from school, and see the two of them. I’ve never been to Chitown before but it seems everyone loves it, so I figure I should go while Molly and Caleb are still there (not that I know whether they are leaving soon or not, but Molly will be graduating next week).

Needless to say the airport on the bus is a little sketchy, but hey I didn’t know you could even get wifi on a bus so this is pretty nice.

Not too much has happened since my birthday. Although I did get a new haircut and would highly recommend Posh Studio on High Street to anyone in need of a change. I have never gotten a better haircut. Granted it was a tad pricey, but they include a shampoo and style in with the cost. My stylist was Elisha; she was easy to talk to and surprisingly only 21, as she had decided to go to beauty school directly after high school. And considering she now has a high-paying after school job as she attends OSU, I almost wish I would have gone to beauty school. Either way she cut my hair just right: a texturized shag with fringe bangs and kept the good. Doesn’t that sound fancy. To tell you the truth I simply brought in a picture of Britney Spears’ haircut that I liked and she reduplicated it. (I know, I know everyone back home must be cringing “Britney Spears?” She’s been a social faux pas for awhile in Ytown, but I will discuss this in a later post) At first, I was a little skeptical about getting bangs since my hair is inherently unruly and curly. But as Elisha was cutting them I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of having bangs again. I gave up having bangs somewhere around the age of 12 when I tired of having my mom cut them too short of my juvenile preferences. There are some great pictures of this stage in my life where my bangs are clipped to either side of my head with bright matching clips.  New haircuts are always fun though at least for the first two days, until the styling wears off and you have to figure it out for yourself. I’m on day 3 now and its still pretty good (although the addition of a new flat iron thanks to my parents for my birthday has aided in this for sure). Martel, Siebert’s in house fashion expert, had the following to say on my new cut, “its edgy” and, “I can tell you love it cause you haven’t stopped playing with it since you got back.” Right he is. I feel like a whole new person, as if my hair has become an expression of myself. And I must give credit where credit is do, so thank you Martel for suggesting Posh Studio.

Well with only two and a half hours left of battery life and a stomach ache from the bus stop at McDonalds (I really can’t stomach fastfood since I rarely eat it anymore), I am going to say goodbye for now and watch Slumdog Millionaire (thanks Zel!).

We just stopped at a Megabus stop and there is a huge crowd waiting to get on this is going to be a cramped ride :(

I will update later with more trip info

<3 Annie

What luck, I am one of the few people to still be seated by myself!


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