Destination: Chicago; Part 2: Chitown and Back Again



* School of Seven Bells

* The Weepies

Currently: a little girl is staring me down. Funniest thing ever. She must be seven or eight, possibly nine. But she just snuck over to the seat behind me and to the left, where another passenger is sleeping contentedly. The little girl crawled into the seat beside her and turned to investigate the sleeping habits of the quiescent passenger, staring at her intently and giggling to herself. I just imagine the woman waking to find a little girl examining her sleeping face, what a surprise on a public bus when you though you had the whole row to yourself. She’s checking out the other sleepers close by and continues to watch me type. Haha. Theses are the reasons I love little kids. They are so bold and random at the same time. She must be bored with her family who all seem to be preoccupied with quiet activities.

I am back on the big blue bus of dreams, this time on my return trip home to Columbus. I already miss Molly and Caleb. They make it on my short and very exclusive list of absolute favorite people of all time (the kind that I cry over when I have to leave and get teary-eyed when I remember and that when I do see I get so excited that I completely forget everything except the bliss I am in). There is just something about their loving nature, strong Christian beliefs, and understanding compassion that sets them apart. I am so glad and blessed to be related to them! Thanks for everything, you two!

I had an amazing time in Chicago with them. It was my first time in a truly “big city” and I loved it. The city is such a diverse mix of culture and life and it always seems like something important is going on block away. We took trams and buses to whoknowswhere and braved the unusually cold weather

Here is a quick (note I choose this adjective before I have actually written, this might turn out long) review of our time:


1. Arrive at Union Station

2. Tiny tour of Moody Bible Institute

3. Visit Bobby and Ula (Bobby and Ula are close friends with Molly and Caleb. They all go to MBI and Molly; Bobby and Ula work in the same office. They are so nice and I feel like I’ve always known Ula after talking with Molly about her)

4. Dinner at Cheesecake Factory- so much food!

5. Wander around the city for a bit

6. Bobby drives us back to Molly and Caleb’s house, which is about 4 miles from downtown

7. I completely pass out due to exhaustion (the good kind)


1. sleep in (I haven’t slept in on a Saturday all quarter since I have Hip Hop class every Sat morning so this was a pleasantry)

2. Visit Molly’s favorite stores: Lightology and Paper Source

3. Make s’mores at Cosi

4. Chicago Cultural Center to see the Tiffany Glass Dome

5. Millennium Park, with the big bean and Ghery’s performance pavilion

6. Shopping: XXI, Gap, H&M

7. Jamba Juice (it really is as good as everyone says)

8. stops at the Apple Store and Ghirardelli

9. Watch one of Molly’s favs “Sabrina” with good old Harrison Ford

10. Attempt to sleep


1. Barely wake up

2. back to Union Station for breakfast and buses

3. to Indianapolis: had a nice conversation with the man sitting next to me about college, sculptural found art, life, and Jesus

4. Call home to my wonderful Mommy- Happy Mother’s Day!

5. Boring RA reading about depression and eating disorders.

Soon I will be back at OSU for a shower, work, homework, and sleep.

Needless to say though, I had a wonderful time in Chicago, it was nice to see the city on a regular day. I figure my career will bring me to working in a city and after my visit I think that will be just fine.  There was nothing intensely unexpected about Chitown. The trams weren’t too bad and you can get where you want with relative ease (with the exception of the blue line being down for repairs).The general architecture of the city is something to be examined. Chicago is a mix of old and new. Some of the buildings look like they are from the start of the city, barren factories and the train stops seem like a step back in time. All this combined with the enormity of the glossy new skyscrapers. The windy city is busy but there didn’t seem to be too much urgency in our trip, so it was still relaxing. Of course this was a weekend, I am sure on the weekdays life is hectic and the trains are crowded.

Well the woman just woke up and doesn’t seem too surprised about the little girl examining her and we are back in Columbus, so I best be going!


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