C.C. Week 2: An Overachiever in Progress

So I figure I will just add onto this post as the week draws on. So for future reference, today is Monday. Last night our campers arrived: Seven 11-13 years-olds. Such fun. They do not have the same serious family backgrounds as our last beloved bunch, but they sure are in a transition phase of their lives. Three of them are home-schooled, very quiet, always good, honest, and positive. The other four, are more “‘mature,'” at least in the social world. (Now I am not dissing on the home-schooled, it all depends on their situations. I know some amazing ones, and some that probably should have just suffered through public school. Anywho getting on with camp…) Note how I mention them as two separate groups. Because they are. They always sit by groups and even act as groups. So we will see how this works out.

Another new thing. I got my finalized schedule. I only have to be up early two days of the week as opposted to three, which is a big sigh of relief, since those who know me at all know I am a night owl. Well at camp you can’t stay up late unless you like being miserable all day long. Which I don’t so I am sure to go to bed e-a-r-l-y. I still only get to teach archery four times a week, a bit depressing, but perhaps I will shoot during my early breaks. Although I will miss being at the range in the forest 24/7, I am looking at this year as an opportunity to exceed expectations, and use my potential to the fullest. I have numerous activities to lead and I plan on making each the best at camp. It is slow-going. But I will get it done. I mean, hey, it’s only the second week. This is going to be great- but difficult. Every time I turn around the area I just organized to a point of ease and simplicity has been trashed. Six of the new bows are broken, etc. So it will be hard but I am looking at it as a glass half-full. It is my summer and my job and it will be a bar above the rest if I have anything to do with it ;)

Well pardon me for cutting short, I will add on later, but I have 45 minutes left to my daily break and I plan on taking a shower, rinsing the grim off the day off my shoulders, and relaxing for a tiny bit before my campers lovingly but loudly burst back into my cabin.

New update: today is Thursday at 9:45am. I am waiting for a Microsoft Word Update to finish installing so I can type up some info for my ultimate Rec Spec binder. It is taking forever! And my girls are driving me crazy. Certain campers talk so much and it is hardest when they don’t seem to be getting anything spiritually. Not that they aren’t being fed, but on the outside they don’t seem to be eating. Which is in general frustrating. We have one more night to break through with them. I hope we can, but with nerves on the edge it is hard to have Christ’s compassion.

Haha on a lighter note, Tuesday night’s break a group of five of us when out to the Archery Range. We sang and shot until you couldn’t see anymore. So it was a nice carefree time.

Yay! My update is finally done, so back to work I go. TTYL.


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