Camp Carl 2009 Wrap Up

Sarah (my amazing cosie), Jon (her brother), and myself at the end of camp banquet

Sarah (my amazing cosie), Jon (her Hungarian brother), and myself at the end of camp banquet

Usually I like to finish things, rather than start them. At school I like to finish proof reading rather than decide on a hook for a paper. But in this particular phase of my life, finishing is the last thing I want to be doing. Camp ended this past Friday. We had a lovely banquet but it is something I wish would last forever.

Camp is its own world, and that is hard to explain to anyone who has never been there. It isn’t perfect; it has its own set of conflicts that arise, but it is set-apart from the outside world. Christ is at the center and He makes working and living there such a blessing.

I have learned so much this year at camp. I came late from OSU and I came with a broken heart. I was pulling myself out of the mire that my relationship with Christ had fallen into. I was weighted down by the muck that I had gotten myself into and had forgotten about God’s goodness. Knowing about camp from last year, I knew this was not the best state for me to be in when I am expected to be leading campers to Christ and looked on as an example. But God is good and He can work with the worst quality clay to form something beautiful and new. I found myself at Camp Carl this year. And more importantly I found God again.

How can I deny how good God is to me? He has given me so much and provides for my every need. He teaches me in times of trial and remains a constant by my side when my heart is aching.

This time last week, I would have told you I was ready to jump straight into next summer at camp. But ending this year was particularly hard. I had everything figured out and now I am simply unsure. I do hope God brings me back to Camp Carl next summer. I know I need to let God take control and lead me where He wants me.

Life without camp is confusing and quiet. There is a mix of good and bad. I have been able to spend time with Him like I was never able to before and He has been speaking to me constantly through His Word. At the same time I sorely miss all the staff who I came to love for their personalities, their relationships with Christ, and their constant ourpouring of love. Phillipians 1:3 comes to mind- “I thank my God every time I remember you.” I do thank God for all of my good memories of camp this year and for the staff He brought together.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for the Father to take my outstreched arm and take me where He wants me…

To the Camp Carl Staff of 2009: Thanks for all the great memories! May God bless your time away from camp, whether it is at college or a job or just life in general. I love you all and hope, Lord willing, to meet up again, maybe even at camp :) keep in touch!  <3 Annie


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