Write Three Pages About Your Career Goals…

[This was the assignment given for my Mass Media class. Assuming that the T.A. will never get along to reading all 3 pages of each of the 100+ students in the class, esp. since she has to find them online in our “e-portfolios,” the result is true but very poorly written. Nevertheless since it is true, I thought I’de share:]

I hope to have either a career in the documentary industry or I would like to be a foreign news correspondent. I would like to work for one of the following companies: The New York Times, National Geographic, Public Broadcasting System, Independent Lens, Frontline, or Nightline.

When I was younger, I recall waiting up all night, crouching close in front of the television in the family living room. The lights were turned off and the volume was set low so as not to disturb any of my sleeping family members. I was waiting for Independent Lens to come on PBS. The program showcases various independently produced documentaries on a wide variety of topics. I was mesmerized and knew that I wanted my future to involve these types of films in some way or other. Documentaries have always lent a particular feel to them; they manage to capture the viewer’s full attention and to make them think critically about the topic being explored. Often times they lead them to action or emotion and further thought about the topic. The documentaries that particularly peaked my interest were focused on the lives of individuals in foreign countries, thus my interest in foreign correspondence. I want to tell the stories of the little-known people in third-world countries that no one will hear otherwise. I want to enrich the world with education and emotion in the form of simple yet complex videos.

My current majors are Broadcast Journalism and Architectural Studies. I chose these majors for several reasons. I have always been fascinated by architecture. Wherever I go, architecture seems to be one of the first things I notice in the area. “There are three forms of visual art: Painting is art you look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through,” Dan Rice once said. I always have thought that this is the most accurate definition of architecture.  If I could incorporate architecture into my journalism that would be fantastic, but if not it allows me to express my creativity and I greatly enjoy it.

My journalism major has different reasons behind it. Being a member of the millennial generation, I was always taught that I could have whatever career I wanted to have. I did well in school and believe that if I really did put my mind to it, I could have a career in most any field I liked. So I chose journalism because I believe it will allow me to dabble in various fields of information. It will allow me to be constantly learning. Also I have always wanted to travel and I figured journalism would provide me with the opportunity to see the world. Broadcast journalism seemed the logical choice to set me up for a career in the documentary industry where information and research are the basis of the films.

I am not involved in a great deal of activities outside of the classroom. With two majors, being a member if the Honors Program, and holding a job at the Daily Kent Stater, I hardly have time to complete my homework. Nevertheless, I am involved with Black Squirrel Radio both as a newscaster and a disc jockey. I report the news for “News in a Nutshell” every Monday evening and every Sunday I co-host “CultureCast,” Kent State’s premier indie and alternative music program. Both of these as well as my job keep me in touch with the news as well as new forms of media. I have learned many skills from the news, such as writing broadcast scripts and producing and editing my own recorded sound clips. In addition, I am a member of my church and like to keep involved in my spiritual life. I also find myself involved in several charity organizations whenever and wherever I get the chance to help.

My future is bright. I know this as a fact. In twenty years, I hope to have established myself in the documentary industry. I will have several documentaries already produced and several in the works. It will be a long journey to this point in my life though. I still have two years left at Kent State till I graduate, one semester of which I hope to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Then, God willing, I will work four years abroad with the Peace Corp. or perhaps Teach for America. I will attend graduate film school and get me feet firmly planted with internships. For the next ten years, I will hopefully work my way into a career with one or more of the aforementioned businesses. If none of this works out perhaps I will be a missionary or work for an architecture firm in their promotion department.

[Also we had to write about a role-model. Of course I chose Bri-Bri]

A professional in the media field that I look up to as a role model is anchorman Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News. Every weekday night Brian Williams puts on the face of America as he reports the national and international news. His appearance and voice have come to be recognized and trusted by hundreds of thousands of Americans. They expect him to tell them the truth about what is going on in our nation. When I saw Brian hosting Saturday Night Live, it gave him a humanness that is not normally associated with typical anchors. He is an average citizen just like everyone else who enjoys a good laugh at SNL, still yet he lost no respect for his role on the sitcom. He attended small community colleges, and accepted an internship with the presidency before graduating. He has worked his way up to the national news level. This is truly inspiring.


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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