Kent wrap up and summer beginnings

I left KSU about 10 days ago and arrived in Florida 3 days ago. And it feels great to be relaxing on the road. Currently we (Katie, my parents, and myself) are driving from my uncle’s gorgeous house in Jacksonville, FL to my Grandparent’s condo in Sarasota. We spent 3 days at my Uncle Eric’s enjoying his fancy pool, big TV, and the beach that was 5 minutes from his house. Of course, we all got sunburnt and Judy (Eric’s girlfriend who we all love) nursed us back to health. We were entertained by their little dog Peanut who could bounce a ball across the pool and float on rafts.

I am hoping that once we get to my grandparent’s I will be able to figure out some plans to meet up with my friend Caelee who moved to Ft. Myers during high school. But for now we are working on the 5-hour drive, so I will recap the end of the semester, since I haven’t yet.

I was a busy semester; I took nine classes worth 19 credit hours. By the end of the semester I had 6 papers due and 5 finals all within a week’s time, along with various other final projects for my other class. But I pulled through with 6 A’s, 1 A-, 1 B, and 1 S. And I have turned nocturnal.

I didn’t get the RA job I was hoping for, but it is different this time than it was last time. After going through the RA class here I realize I am not political enough to hold the position. I wouldn’t be able to stand the BS that they teach you. And I am not going to lie and say I support everything that they want me to. It’s just not who I am. So I am looking for off-campus housing, quite unsuccessfully I might add, but I’ve given that over to God so He will find me somewhere to live. He always does.

Also, I have finally figured that I need to give up Architecture. Which is almost comical, because I just added it. Alas the classes don’t work out well; some of my essential classes for journalism are at the same time as my studio classes for architecture. So it will just have to be a hobby, because I know I am good at architecture; I can analyze it and understand it as well as the next arch student.

I must say I definitely have fonder feelings toward Kent than I did when I first arrived. I have some especially good memories of concerts (Jay Sean, Cobra Starship, Drake) and architecture study nights with Chris and coffee with Lauren, my best friend. I know that God brought Lauren and I together because there is no other way of explaining how we both could have been put together as co-hosts for our radio show and we just have too many similarities. If all goes as planned, I will be visiting Lauren sometime this summer and Chris and I, along with my sister and her friends, will be taking a trip to New York City for a concert.

After the end of the semester media banquet I am looking forward to getting to know the other journalism students I will be working with, they seem like a fun bunch. Ha-ha.

I already have next semester figured out too. And I am pretty excited for it. I will be taking:

1. Poetry Writing: to fulfill my writing class requirement.

2. Roman Achievement: to fulfill my global diversity requirement and a requirement for the LATIN MINOR I added on to my degree.

3.  Vergil: the class I am most worried about. I hope I remember my Latin!

4. Picasso: for fun with Chris.

5. Ballroom Dance: Yay! With my old roomie, Candace. I love ballroom! Hopefully it as fun as it was at OSU.

6. Beat Reporting: Supposedly the ultimate journalism class, the killer one that consumes your life, where we make 10 video news packages. Also the class for which I need to buy a video camera costing between $700-900.

I will also be working in the Student Media Office again, which will be good because I enjoy working there. I was also hired as a blogger for the university! And of course I have Undergrad Student Government to worry about. I hope I can do a good job with it, even though I am not really sure what I can do to help CCI. Finally, I will be aiding with a multimedia team that works with, which should be some sweet action and good experience. Anything to get a step ahead, I am betting on the fact that knowing more that your peers will get you where you want to be even if it doesn’t get you scholarships you deserve :P

I can’t think of much more to say. That’s about it. Ha-ha. Once I get back from Florida I will have camp in a few days. Well training and CPR at least. And I will also be in charge of archery, which I am super excited about. Woot woot. The way I figure it, if I can aid in getting everything running smoothly, there will be more time to share Jesus with the campers. Maybe I will get to work on some of that right now. I will update you on the Florida trip later.

Enjoy the summertime weather!

Here are some photos from Kent:

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I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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