Camp Carl 2010: Training + Week 1

I keep putting off posting because I feel the need to keep up to date on everything that I have done previously, so… since my last post I went to Florida where I saw my uncle and grandparents, saw famous art- Rubens, Giovanni, Titian, and lots of Dali, had a great time with my old friend from highschool, and went to the beach. Then it was off to training week at Camp Carl. Getting some business down and preparing our hearts for the summer of service that lay ahead.

Despite the fact that this will be my third summer at Camp Carl,  have never actually been to an entire training week- I always had school keeping me back. Boy, oh boy, did I need that week. Our theme for the summer is “Transformation.” What a daunting, yet exciting theme to challenge ourselves with. Being at camp for close to 11 weeks and then leaving, there is always an apparent change of heart among the counselors, so for us to be tracking God’s work in our lives as we go promises to be amazing.

The transformation has definitely already begun. During training we stressed abandonment, reconciliation, and sacrifice. There have been deep-rooted sins in my life that I have been tugging at unsuccessfully for years. But the idea of abandonment has allowed me with the help of Christ to tear them out of myself and leave them at the foot of the cross not just once but forever. They are never coming back and it is good to be free of it. There have been relationships left shattered in my life, which I have needed to say sorry for and I have. At least on my half, they are reconciled. I have sacrificed my search for romance in order to focus on Christ. Entering into this summer I am more keenly aware of my need to cling to the cross than ever before. I am humbled by the protection that Christ’s atonement offers and I take my shoes off in the Presence of the LORD.

What an opportunity to serve this summer. Without selfish motives. The more I am at camp the more aware I am of loving like God loves. I find myself willing and wanting to do things outside of myself. God sent Jesus because He believes we are worthy of Him. Jesus died because He believes we are worth the sacrifice. I find if I see people how God does, then getting up early for breakfast prep, or getting dirty to make camp more exciting for my campers, or sacrificing time to hang out with other counselors is so simple.

Yesterday was the last day of our first week of camp and praise God for it being a good one! I am back in my old cabin, FOTU, with my old co-counselor Sarah and a new one Gabbie. Plus this week we had the addition of the amazing Brittany Nidy. In total we had 4 counselors and, being the first week and high school camp, we only had 4 campers. They were absolutely wonderful, willing, inquisitive, good sports, thoughtful, and lovely.

Camp counselors seem to take on the role of teachers at camp, but I learn just as much about God from my campers. They come from such different backgrounds than I do. I have been blessed with a loving and kind Christian family. I have had my difficulties, but none seem comparable to what some of these young ladies and guys go through. By the end of the week, you don’t want to let them go. I wish I could hold my campers close and be their big sister all the time. But I know God will never leave them or forsake them and no matter the difficulties, the family issues, the self-worth issues that these girls face– God can love them through it all and there is no wound too large or cut too deep that the love of Christ cannot heal.


Watch over my girls as they sleep tonight in their beds at home. Keep your grip tight on their hearts. Draw them to You in their struggles and successes. Let them understand Your love and view their worth through Your eyes. Thank you for your great and unfathomable love.



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