Camp Carl 2010: Week 8

So it is early Sunday morning and not wanting to wake up my parents by recording a vlog I have opted to instead blog it out.

Just finished up week 8 and it was an emotional roller coaster on the inside and an enjoyable week on the outside.

Overall I had a great week within my cabin. We had seven middle school girls, which at the beginning of the week we laughed about because when they sat together on the floor of the cabin we could actually see all of them at one time [having 10 high schoolers the week before meant you could never see all of them at once in our tiny cabin] :) They were all going into either sixth or seventh grade and boy did they act it- these girls were just full of energy and life. From the minute they woke up to the time they went to sleep, they were energetic. Oh and they had the most vivid imaginations too; they were always playing pretend with each other and screaming at the tops of their lungs for fun.

This week I got to build up a great relationship with one of our campers who had a lot of questions about God. After Wednesday’s chapel the campers are given the opportunity to talk with counselors or pray with counselors. So I was able to talk with this sweet girl and answer a lot of her questions about God and what it means to be saved. I explained to her how Jesus died for our sins and all we have to do is accept His forgiveness to be saved from the punishment we have earned. Then I asked her how she felt about that and she leaned back against the wall where we were sitting and said with a grin on her face, “I didn’t know it would be that easy.” She had expected a long list of things that you had to do in order to please God. It is amazing that He knows we are incapable of earning our way into a relationship with Him and so He sent Jesus to be that way.

As the week went on I got to spend more time with this camper and by the time Thursday rolled around I was given the opportunity to go tubing with my cabin. In all three years that I have been working at Camp Carl I have never had the chance to go tubing and to tell you the truth I have been pretty fine with it that way, I don’t like roller coasters and from all the stories the kids tell I figured tubing would not be my thing. Nevertheless it was something new to try so I headed out with my campers and wouldn’t you know it I got to go tubing with the camper I had bonded with. Both of us were nervous to be on the tube but before the boat driver began to whip us around I was able to share with her the story of Jesus calming the storm. How awesome to be able to share God while tubing!

Finally on Friday I had a one-on-one with her and we were able to talk more about where she was with God. She really learned that God is always with us. I wish I had had time to read her letter to God to see what else she learned. She seemed to comprehend a lot about having a relationship with Christ, but wanted to learn more about God before she fully “stepped onto the bridge that Jesus made for us.” I pray that she will make Christ the center of her life and that outside of camp, she would remember what she learned and that God would put people in her life to teach her more about Himself so she can accept Christ genuinely when she is ready.

In general all of our campers were good. We had a fun time ribbon dancing at the talent show and my chapel message on Monday turned out well.

But like I said this week was an emotional roller coaster, while dealings with in the cabin were wonderful, my own mind and heart made the rest of the week excruciating. Please be praying for me to have emotional strength. As the summer of camp comes to a close I am always heart-broken about having to leave my friends and the whole camp environment. I also get confused easily by over thinking the next year of school and then ahead to the next summer. Among other things a crushing view of how I have been working this summer put me a bit over the edge. There are certain things at camp that are automatic joys to me and there are others that I need to constantly be reminding myself to “count it all joy.”  It is good to know that God sees every side of me and is with me in every situation. He knows my heart and He is the one I work to please. With that in mind I voyage onward to the last week of camp- I am in a new cabin with new co’s since Sarah headed off to Indianapolis to student teach. I will definitely miss her, but am looking forward to an exciting new environment. Week 9, here I come!


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