Prelude to The Trouble of Rugs

[So I know I said I was going to do a wrap up blog about Camp Carl. And I have been mulling it over and over, trying to figure out what God taught me. What was the umbrella-ing lesson that He taught me? Honestly cannot say that there was one. Rather, and seemingly obviously enough, God transformed my thinking. Just like our theme for the summer.]

God showed me to do more than stand on Him. I am reminded of the statue that Nebuchadnezzar dreams of in Daniel 2, not in the literal interpretation of the prophesy, but rather the material construction of it.

[Pause here to read Daniel 2, if you have not already.]

All parts of the statue are made from strong lasting material, except the feet. They are made of a mix of iron and clay. Clay just seems so out-of-place compared to gold, silver, and brass. Couldn’t it just be washed away? Daniel points out that the clay is soft and brittle (Did you know in the Roman empire they marked slaves for sale by covering their feet in clay? This does not necessarily apply to the point I am getting at but nevertheless it means something.) The point being, this magnificent statue was destroyed by the feet. If the stone had been thrown at the head, torso, or legs of the statue, nothing would have happened, because these materials are stronger than stone. It is the feet that are made of weak clay. Similarly if the head or torso or even the legs had been made of clay rather than the feet the entire statue would not have been destroyed when the stone hit it- the feet would still be standing.

So we see the material composition and the location are crucial to the story.

Lets look at another passage concerning materials and feet.

[Pause here to read Matthew 7:24-27]

The lesson from this passage is obvious. What you stand on needs to be solid. Nothing is more solid than standing on Christ.

Often though I think we stand on Christ with our feet of clay. We don’t make that connection that we are supposed to become Christ like. If we live lives that follow Jesus’ teachings we would not be made of mixed clay and iron, but rather solid iron, or better yet sculpted from Rock.

This is what I mean when I say God showed me to do more than stand on Him. If our feet are fused with our creator or better yet sculpted from the very rock that Christ is, we will not be shaken, we will not crumble when stones come our way or be washed away when high tide comes.

It is not easy to fuse yourself so tightly with God. But it is no good to stand on God in faith with consciously weak feet. We must embody Christ’s attributes in our lives and rely on Him at the same time.

And now The Trouble of Rugs….(to be cont. in next post)


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I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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