The Trouble of Rugs or “Being Barefoot with the Father”

This is the big one. It has taken me months to get around and maybe that is because it is self-convicting and involving. But alas here it is- what I have learned this summer:


The trouble is rugs. So we have faith in God to be our solid rock and we try to follow His commands and act like Him, but it is more comfortable to stand on plush carpet and we let things get in our way. Now this I think is a more common problem in the Christian community. I myself admit to putting down the carpeting. I let things get between me and God. My priorities seem to get tossed around constantly as I try to balance school, work, friends, and a multitude of other commitments.

One of the carpets I rolled out this summer was that of affirmation and keeping a good reputation.

I like to keep up a good reputation. This summer I worked hard to build relationships with my campers and fellow counselors, as well as to structure my position to the best of my abilities. And I think I did a good job at it. So when week 4 came around and God affirmed me in my work, it was refreshing (this is a term I have been using all summer). Even though I am want to say so I seek affirmation and My Father knows that.

Yet being human I still subconsciously longed for human affirmation. And I had assumed that my heart for sharing Christ with the campers and seeing Him transform the hearts of counselors was apparent, but in some cases it was not and so with one swift tug the rug that I had expected to be there, was yanked out from under me and I was left questioning where I was standing. I was told in so many works that I gave off an air of unapproachability, which is the exact opposite of what I want to be.

Did my actions not represent my heart? Or was it not in a way that was apparent? Was I really who I thought I was?

I turned to friends for answers to my questions. How quickly I am to forget my Father, who told me only weeks earlier that my work was pleasing in His eyes! The whole debacle eventually was smoothed over with much heart-to-heart conversation and the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit.

What I am saying though is that having a good reputation is a rug that was blocking my trust in God. Good reputations aren’t bad, but forgetting to stand on God is.

I think God wants us to pull the carpets out from under ourselves so we can feel Him on our soles; so our souls will be connected with Him.

If we were to be barefoot with God, how much more would He define our lives. And maybe over time our feet would not be made of flesh, but we would find that they were carved from the very Rock we stand on. Then we would be united with Christ and our actions would not portray ourselves but Christ working in and through us.


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.


  1. Annie! This is so good! Sorry, I skimmed it a while ago, but just sat down and read it. Wow. Love it. The play on words, and the truth of what you’re writing.

    1. it reminds me of Caleb at camp. He practically led his entire cabin one wk to the Lord and saw salvations all summer, but the leadership didn’t “get” him

    2. it reminds me of Moses taking off his sandals as he approached the burning bush, removing any obstacles between himself and an encounter w/ God.

    3. when I first moved to Chicago, I had this real sense that God wanted to reveal himself as a provider, but one of “raw abundance” it’s not always a pretty package, it’s that larger-than-life, out-of-the-box God we serve, and He is so good and willing to give us so much more of Himself than we often think is comfortable.

    such a good reminder to me not to make my relationship with Jesus just one of comfort and my expectations. I love you and can’t wait to see you next month!

    • Sherri

      Aaah. I hear your vulnerable spirit and the all-too-familiar struggle that we so often find our lives standing upon. I have a love/hate relationship with the grace that is involved when that rug is yanked out from under me and I lay upon my back wondering how I didn’t see it coming. For me, the grace is that He lets me see.

      Your image of the bare feet and the way you experience first-hand is beautiful. And I’m grateful I got to peek inside and see beyond the exterior.

      I like hearing your voice in your words–I’ll be reading some more later…

      Love to you!!

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