Fall 2010 Wrap-Up

So I am going to try to make this quick-  I have to head over to TechSpot to get my cracked keyboard fixed and then my dad is coming to pick me up so I can spend some time with the fam- but I wasn’t sure if TechSpot would take my computer or not, so I wanted to fit in a semester wrap up just in case.

The semester is officially over (at least for me, some students still have finals tomorrow because of the snow day delay) and thank God! because this has to have been the worst semester of my life! Classes were not awful, except Beat Reporting which was so terrible it managed to pervade the entire semester. Grades still aren’t in but I am confident I did well in all of my other classes.

I especially renewed my love for poetry. Taking “Poetry Writing” with a tacked on Honors Project, allowed me to meet with my poetry professor twice a month to discuss poetry techniques and to get helpful critiques on my poems, I found that I love the depth of the language that poetry explores. Every word has emotions attached to it and sounds that effect the reader. I love that every word in a poem has purpose and thought behind its selection.

But besides academics, most of my semester was taken up with student government and work.

I have enjoyed being the senator for my college probably more than any other person in USG. I don’t have too many duties per-say and since my college is in good shape and has fairly good facilities there is not too much to work on. But I do get to be the voice of the students in my college when we vote on big issues like increased student fees. Also, I enjoy seeing what is going on in all of the other colleges. Hearing about the great academic programs of Kent has really increased my pride in the university. Coming from OSU, I knew I was going to get a better education in journalism at KSU, but I felt as if I was leaving the supposed prestige behind me. Not true at all. KSU made the Times Higher Education for top 200 universities in the world! Pretty impressive. We apparently have good programs all over the place. Certain schools are known for good math departments or law, but at Kent we have such a wide variety of acclaimed programs, from journalism to architecture, fashion, tourism, library science, and even liquid crystal research; the list is quite long. It is just Kent is advertised poorly, but that’s a rabbit trail. Kent is definitely going places, especially with the $200 million grant from the state to connect the City of Kent with the university. It is great to be in USG and at the forefront of these changes. I have plans to tweak issues students are having within my college next semester already.

As far as work goes. It’s been pretty busy- in the office and now at Starbucks. Did I mention that I got a job at Starbucks? About a month and a half ago. The whole church fiasco sort of took priority in my life. Anyway being a barista has been challenging, exciting, and overall enjoyable. I say challenging not just because there are 87,000 drink combinations, but because I work the morning shift. I am known for being nocturnal, sleeping through exams, and not being a morning person; so waking up at 4 a.m. to work at 5 a.m. has been…new. At least there’s coffee at work though!

Outside of college it has been interesting living off campus. I feel like I have skipped a stage in my life and all of a sudden I’m an adult- cooking my own food, going to work, doing laundry, grocery shopping. Haha. I enjoy the independence, but not all of the extra work. It has added to the difficulty of staying in touch with friends and on campus affairs, but it has also pushed me to connect with the City of Kent. I love shopping downtown, the local library, and all of the great places to eat. I am even considering taking a yoga class downtown :)

I did a bit of traveling this semester, just within the state though. Katie and I went to Columbus to visit our friend Kristen and to see Iron & Wine. He is one of my favorite artists and it was so much fun to go to his concert at OSU and to reconnect with old friends there. I also stayed a weekend in Cleveland, sleeping in a mission house and eating at soup kitchens. I know, strange way to enjoy Halloween weekend, huh? Myself and a few other students got to see poverty first hand and learn how organizations and soup kitchens work to help those in poverty. It was called an “immersion trip,” so we basically saw and lived in poverty, but did not do too much service help, which was a bit frustrating, but I did make new friends so that was a perk.

Well I really should be heading out. But I can’t end without touching on how much God has taught me this semester. It has been a pretty dark semester for me spiritually, which has by far been the hardest thing to deal with. I left camp on a funky note, with a lot of soul-searching and probably not strong enough to be out on my own again, but nevertheless all things come to an end. Not finding the community I needed left me floundering and questioning a lot of things about the strength that I actually had to stay afloat in the murky waters that I must tread in Kent. There were a lot of times when I found myself with my head under the water and not sure which way was up. It has been so amazing though to have Christ as my life saver and life Savior. I did not know He could give me such strength to kick for so long. And this semester when my legs finally gave way from treading, He was there to rescue me. Right now I am just waiting for Him to take me to the next harbor. Praise God for His faithfulness!

God bless and enjoy celebrating our Savior in this holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

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