Excitingly New Year

I am so excited for it to be 2011 and into January finally! I really feel like this will be a year that God will be moving in my life. Just over the past few weeks things have been falling into place, or at least feeling like they are. God is putting me more at ease with where I am.

With my “church-less-ness,” he has provided a house group that is springing out of the compost of the Vineyard; this Sunday will be my first time attending, but I am excited to see how it all turns out. And then there is Mosaic Church, which Lord-willing I will be attending next Sunday. Also I am working on getting a group of friends together to read through a Christian book this semester. I am working on surrounding myself with God and good company. It does of course take a bit more effort for everything, but anything good is worth working for. It is as if all the muck from the previous semester has become fertilizer for the place I am entering now.

Also in this way I think I have come to a place where I am content with my singleness, as I am getting back on track with God. My schedule is so packed that it is not as if I have time for a serious relationship. The precious time I do have, I hope to be spending with my creator.

Even into just this short time in 2011, I feel as if I have grown so much closer to God, the pastor at my home church urged everyone to fast in order to get back on track with God and to express that you want to put Him first in your life. Consequently I have not eaten meat in 2 weeks. Fasting something like meat, makes you conscious of God every meal time and it has really pushed me to be reading in the Bible more. I am getting back to the point where I find myself wanting to just spend time with God instead of doing other things.

This year I am finding out more about myself and who God wants me to be. Kent Dobson talks about this in his recent sermon. I am finding that I don’t want any decision I make to be without God’s guidance. I am also finding that in some aspects of life I am a toddler fumbling around without a clue and I want God to guide me through those areas where He of course is the expert. I want God to be infused with every aspect of my life- with what I eat, with what I wear, with how I act, with my sleep, everything. I am confident that if God is so tightly woven into my life I will come out a better person, more compassionate, wiser, and delightful in God’s eyes. A true transformation. [living a life where everything is spiritual is the main topic of Rob Bell’s book Sex God, which I highly recommend to everyone and anyone.]

My classes this semester will prove to be difficult and I am working two jobs, so I will be constantly busy, but I also think that God will help me to balance everything out and set aside time to be with Him will become very important. I am optimistic for this year and to see where God will take me. It seems to me that God put me through some dark, messy, and painful times so that I could be born into new life. And so I am extremely excited for the prospects of 2011 :)

Also did I say I will be headed to Columbus with Brad McKoy and his gang for an evening of worship this Friday. I am pretty pumped- Brad had a huge impact on my high school days and is now working with college students to start church groups.

And I will be hanging out with an Nikki, my good friend from camp a few years back. I am excited for our reunion :)


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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