free in His love

The point, my beloved, is not to be found but to be lost. To stumble into my love and to lose your own way because you are on my path, in my heart. You are there now. Look around you; everything I have made is for you. Do you feel the breeze as my caress? Do you taste the sweetness I have made for your tongue? I have no need for such tastes, they are to pleasure you. Soft things, sweet things, fragrances, they surround you. Stop searching. I am here. My love will disorient you, there is no up or down. There is no floor, no ceiling to my love. Have you ever gazed into my heavens? Have you looked into the celestial sky on a clear night and been swept away in my glory? Lost track of your life on earth because the stars have captivated you? That is my love. I will pull you off the ground. My love is magnetic. Let me capture you. Don’t oppose me; let me love you. You cannot turn your face from me, for I am all encompassing on every side of you. I am the North and the South. When you think you have wrought away from me, my love only pulls stronger. Do not opposite poles attract? Your sin has me reach farther. Now come. Come get lost in my love. Let me open the locks on your heart. Let me pull open the hinges on your dreams. I put them in you. Come. Come let me set you free. Float in my stream. There is no up, no down. These are not concerns in my love. Come be content in me, find satisfaction in me. No effort is involved. No directions are needed. No steps need to be taken. I am here now. I surround you. Posture your heart. You are free in my love. I am love. Lose your self in me. My beloved, stop waiting I am here.


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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