All the wrong questions.

“Where are You?”

Sometimes we feel forgotten, till we realize the One who was forsaken was thinking of us the entire time He was abandoned. And even so He left behind a huge part of Himself to keep us company.

And did you know that this Man loved you so much that in His anxiety over the deed that had to be done to welcome you home- that He sweat blood? Blood vessels breaking and pouring out of the pores of the only pure and holy One, that He might be a vessel of forgiveness anointing the doorposts to our lives. And we in His image were created to be vessels to carry His glory bit by bit till we are united.

And yet we feel forgotten and lost and ask “Why God?”and “Where am I supposed to go from here?”

If we just had faith we could move mountains. And if we just had faith we would recognize that not all mountains are meant to be moved- some are meant to be conquered. And that He will move what’s needed when it is needed and that Moses trusted Him up to the very edge of the Red Sea. That if they were not to walk over the water, that then the water would obey His very command.

And we run into hard times and plead “Won’t you move this mountain? Won’t you remove this thorn in my side?” And He is saying “Won’t you walk up to this Living Water’s shore? Quit letting you timidity scare you away from climbing this mountain. Are you afraid I will let you down, let you drown?” And all of our life is walking across the water with Him. And He knows that though He may lead you with a pillar of fire- you still can miss the promised land- but it doesn’t stop Him from trying.

Know: He had asked too, “Won’t you take this cup from me?” But just maybe the cup was the fullness of His glory, the overflowing of His love, because His cup was precariously full that just one more drop of affection might tip Him head over heels into the greatest sacrifice for a stranger- He could not deny His affinity for and so traded it for eternity. That stranger being you. That stranger being me. That stranger being a multitude of individuals who He loves as one person, as one bride. But stranger is not an apt term for though we know Him not, He knows us fully. And our job is to press in to know Him better and to know the rest of us better.

And in our early life crisis we ask the wrong questions. Rather than “Where does God fit into this?” we must recognize that the trump card is that we are already in His plan. We were grafted in where the limbs were cut to create a cross. Where you are is not the center of your universe, but the center of His.

So not “Where are You?” but “Where am I in You?” You are at the center of Him- in His heart.

Not “Who am I?” But “Who is He?” Because when you strive for the oneness that He prayed for and when you know that at the appointed time He will be coming back for His bride and you will be One- then all these questions will be null and void.


About megannet

I am a self-motivated multimedia journalist seeking a career in the creative film and documentary industry. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University with a B.S. in Broadcast Journalism.

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